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What is Antrodia?

Exclusively found in Taiwan, this rare mushroom is proving to be a miracle fungus. Antrodia Camphorata grows in the trunk cavities of the endangered camphor tree . It is known as the medicinal fungus of fortune.


Health Benefits of

Medical studies continue to suggest long- term health benefits of including Antrodia in your daily diet. Antrodia may help to alleviate common symptoms, as well as to help with long- term chronic conditions.


How it works

Antrodia Camphorata supplements stimulate the body’s immune system by promoting an increase in leucocytes (white blood cell) production. An increase of white blood cells provides a boost to your immune system.


Welcome to Kinyo Biotech

At Kinyo Biotech we believe in Promoting a Healthy Life Naturally. For the last decade we have been working to bring the all natural , wellness benefits of Antrodia camphorata to the world. Known as the medicinal fungus of fortune this rare mushroom has been long associated with longevity and health in its native home of Taiwan. The Antrodia Mushroom is considered to be one of the most effective supplements available in the world today for stimulating the body’s immune system.

Beyond just stimulating the immune system, studies suggest that Antrodia is  especially effective in improving liver functions, and is currently being studied as a promising chemotherapeutic drug by cancer researchers. Antrodia’s strong antioxidant properties are remarkably effective; antioxidant have been shown to reduce free radical damage associated with aging.

Our studies on the medical benefits of Antrodia have been nothing short of remarkable. We hope this information and the current medical research  made available through this website will assist you in making an educated choice about the long-term benefit of adding Antrodia to your life.


ACC-60  Antrodia Capsule, 60 capsules in one bottle
ACE-05-7  Antrodia Extract , each bottle 5ml, 7 bottle in one case
ACE-180  Antrodia Extract, each bottle 180ml
ACE-600 Antrodia Extract, each bottle 600ml
TPB-10E Antordia with Pu-erh tea, 10 tea bags in one box
TPB-20E Antrodia with Pu-erh tea, 20 tea bags in one box
ACE-100GE Antrodia Energy Drink, 100 ml in one bottle

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